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The Pittsburgh Penguins shouldn't get rid of Jordan Staal posted on 02/10/2010
Rumors have been going around that Jordan Staal might get traded soon. I think trading Staal would be a mistake for the Penguins. Staal is a young and talented hockey player. He is the best penalty killer on the team. He is on one of the best thrid liners in the league. In my opinion,  he is the best third line center in the NHL. With his size and skills, he is the most underrated player in hockey because he is over shadowed by Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

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Sheamus is a transitional champion! posted on 12/20/2009

 I still can't believe Sheamus is the new WWE Champion. Mark my words when I tell Sheamus is nothing but a transitional champion. He will probably be champion for about a month and drop it back to John Cena or somebody else. The WWE won't have Sheamus as champion to much longer with Wrestlemania 26 around the corner. Not many people will buy Wrestlemania 26 for 55 or 60 bucks with a relatively unknown guy holding the WWE title. So if you're a Sheamus fan enjoy his title run now, because it'll be over before you know it.

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Give Edge Respect! posted on 06/15/2009

It's time the WWE give Edge a real run with either the WWE title or the World Heavyweight  title. For some reason the WWE treats him as a transitional champion even though he is considered by many to be the best wrestler in the industry. His longest reign is only three and a half months long out of his nine World titles reign. He's a great in ring preformer and just as good on the stick. It's great that they got him away from Vickey Guerrerro. It's time for the WWE hype machine to get behind him and give him an eight to ten month title reign!

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Stanley Cup Champs posted on 06/13/2009
The Penguins did what everyone said they couldn't do. They beat the Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena in game seven of the finals. Marc Andre Fleury played the game of his life. What a great save he made on Nicklas Lidstrom as time ran out on the Red Wings. But that being said, Max Talbot won the game for the Pens with his two big goals in game seven. The Penguins still found a way to win the game with the best player in the league missing half of the game. Malkin deserved to win the Conn Smythe trophy with all the great plays he made in the finals. I hope they don't lose too many guys in the off season, because I hope they repeat next season. Way to go Pens!

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Therrien is not to blame!! posted on 02/16/2009
Michel Therrien shouldn't of been fired, but since you can't fire the whole team I guess he was going to be the fall guy. Therrien came just two games short of becoming a Stanley Cup champion coach last season. It's amazing how eight months ago people were singing his praises about what a great coach he was. I can't believe what short memories people have. Now that Therrien is out of the picture I guess that means we can now make it back to the Stanley Cup Finals. I guess now that Therrien is gone the defense will began to play well again! I guess now that Therrien is gone we will get more production out of Crosby and Malkin! Let's be honest now, Therrien wasn't the problem, it was that he was coaching a pathic defensive unit, and had his biggest star Sidney Crosby playing with third

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