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Penguins Top Sharks posted on 02/11/2009

Every game the Penguins play these days is big. The playoffs are fast approaching and the Pens have been sitting just outside the top eight, unable to squeeze past the likes of the Hurricanes, Panthers and even the free-falling Rangers. There is little margin for error as every point counts. So when the NHL's secomd best team comes to the Mellon Arena fresh off a win against the statistically best team it's pretty clear just how huge a win would be against any team let alone San Jose, a team who a victory against could boost not only Crosby, Malkin and the gangs rank in the conference, it could also do wonders for their confidence.

 On that note let me be the first to say: look out for the Pens.

 While they certainly made us all worry about another 3rd period collapse (although blowing a one goal lead against the Sharks wouldn't be as bad as doing likewise against, say, the Predators) in the end, the boys in black and gold came through.

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Another Win for the Pens posted on 02/06/2009

Normally, I would expect the Penguins to beat the Blue Jackets. But even with the Penguins having won their last game there hasn't been much reason to be certain of anything this sseason. Thankfully, for the sake of my sanity and surely that of many others, the Pens played the way the were expected to going into ths season and soundly handled the BJ's.

The main reason for this win, although the offense played great getting contributions from everyone you'd expect and some you wouldn't, was Marc-Andre Fleury. In a scoreless first period Fleury made several noteworth savesand kept Columbus off the board when theycould easily have been up two or more goals. This brilliance and a timely powerplay opportunity in the second open the door for the Pens to open a three goal lead.

Of course, in the recent past even a lead of this size has left Pens fans worrying but tonight the Pns did what any respectable professional sports team would do. They did give up one powerplay goal but otherwise they shut theirn opponent down. This convincing win could not have come at a better time with huge games looming in the next week against Detroit and San Jos, the number 2 and 3 teams in the league respectively. With these challenges ahead, hopefully the Pens have finally righted the ship.  

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That's More Like It: Pens mount huge comback against 'ning. posted on 02/04/2009

O.K., so if you hear the words Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and late-game heroics in the sam sentence what recent event do you think of? Obviously, the Super Bowl is being referenced here in some way but, cleverly, that's not what I'm talking about. What I am talking about is tonight's game pitting the struggling Penguins against the lowly Lightning. Now, in nature this would not be much of a matchup and for the first two periods it wasn't much of a contest in the friendly confines of the Mellon Arena. Then, Evgeni Malkin lifted the team on his shoulders as one of only a few players to give consistent effort through grinding in the corners andlaying at least one Lightning plaer out.

The Pens were down 3-0 and not really accumulating a lot of quality scoring chances. But a few lucky bounces later the Pens pulled within one and soon finally tied the game late in regulation with the type of gritty, in front of the net goal Steigy and Bob Errey are always saying you need to win in the NHL.

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If anyone were reading this they would know it's been a while since my last posting. I haven't posted anything i a couple months and the main reason for that is that I've been so pissed of after the majority of Penguin's games that have occurred since then. I've been waiting for this team, the one that got off to one of the best starts in franchise history, to turn things around and return to top form. Consistently I have been disappointed. If we don't blow a lead we spend the majority of the game trying to come from behind. I don't know what's wrong. It could be the coaches, bad team chemistry, injury, missing players who we lost in the offseason, not getting enough production from the players we signed in the offseason, lack of energy, lack of effort, or a combination of all of the above.


ESPN pisses me off. posted on 11/01/2008

When I wake up in the morning and make myself some breakfast I typically enjoy sitting down, turning on the TV and watching SportsCenter to catch up on the latest sports news. I'm still pretty tired and kind of trying to get myself mentally prepared for another day so I figure this is a good thing to watch since it doesn't require much thinking and usually isn't depressing like the news would normally be.

Now I know that ESPN has the TV rights for the NBA and that the NBA is loved by fans worldwide so I'm bound to see some highlights and analysis while I'm tuned in but still, would it kill you (ESPN I'm talking to you) to show some freakin NHL highlights. Hockey gets like two minutes per each 8 hour period on ESPN and that is pretty much true even in the playoffs. This is not the WNBA I'm talking about here. I'm talking about hockey: the fastest sport on earth not involving a bobsled or car. Show some highlights, give me some analysis or I'l take my business elsewhere.

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